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Endowed Scholarships

By establishing an Endowed Scholarship, donors make an impact that will last for generations, forever connecting their support to ECC. Donors may select the criteria including a specific department/major to apply the scholarship. Scholarships are often named for a friend, family member, or in memory of a loved one. A minimum gift of $20,000 is required.

Albert E. Adams Computer Repair Technology Endowed Scholarship Fund
Allied Health, Health Sciences Endowed Scholarship
Arthur Allen Endowed Scholarship
Bill & Mary O'Hare Endowed Scholarship
Cheri Ann Paulin Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Cheryl Chameli-Giumento Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Agnes Cleary Webb Endowed Merit Scholarship
Dr. Arthur G. Baumeister Endowed Memorial Paralegal Scholarship
Dr. Clarice Parrag Endowed Scholarship
Florence Meldrum Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Ford Motor Company / EEOC Endowed Scholarship
Frank L. Ciminielli Endowed Scholarship
Geraldine Collins LaNasa '56 Endowment
Gwendolyn M. Whitmore Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Halpern Endowment Funding
The Hank Pirowski Endowed Scholarship
Jack D. Allen Endowed Memorial Scholarship
James Luke Bierl Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Joseph George Optical Endowment
Kevin Malchoff National Restaurant Association Education Foundation Endowment Scholarship
Luciani Endowed Scholarship
Lura L.Cook Endowed Scholarship Award
Lydia A. Trezevent Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Machine Tool Technology Endowment
Matthew J. Reynolds Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Patricia Mertz and Wayne Mertz Mechanical Engineering (Endowed) Scholarship
Professor William Major Byers Endowed Scholarship
Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Endowed Award for Student Athletes
Robert & Grace Galanti/Antoinette Covelli Endowment Scholarship
Sarah J. Gabel Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Scott Bieler Endowed Scholarships
Susan Barlow Endowed Wellness Scholarship
Sylvia G. Simon-Ray Endowed Memorial Scholarship
The Legend Group Endowed Honors Scholarship
Thomas C. Leader, Sr. Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Thurman Thomas Endowed Distinguished Scholarship
Vernon J. Parks Endowed Honorary Scholarship
William Tranchell Award Fund Endowment


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